PRESENTED BY: Pamela Davis- Jolivet, Director


The mission of Southeast Texas Phlebotomy Institute, Inc. is to provide individuals an opportunity to become equipped with necessary skills, hands-on training, and certification in Phlebotomy education as competent Public Health and Phlebotomy Professionals, obtain employment promote and ensure an outstanding service of health, patient education and safety to the general public.


Southeast Texas Phlebotomy Institute, Inc is a Non-Profit specializing in education, training, and certifying students with the skilled technique of Phlebotomy in Beaumont, Texas. SETX Phlebotomy Institute plans to concentrate more heavily on the Public Health Disparities, Chronic Health and Health Education along with research/clinical trial studies in the very near future. Our experience has shown that there is a great demand for professionally well trained Phlebotomist and Public Health Educators which has proven to create a greater opportunity for employment and career growth. Employment is high due to enrollment and completion success rate. SETX Phlebotomy Institute was founded in November 2006 by Ms. Davis- Jolivet and began operating as of January 2007. Ms. Davis-Jolivet became a Non-profit in 2008 recognized by the State of Texas and TXSOS IRS Public 501(c)(3).

Ms. Davis-Jolivet was born in Beaumont, Texas and has lived the majority of her life in Beaumont and Houston. Ms. Davis-Jolivet has a very successful track record within the Public Health and Healthcare industry to include over 35 years of experience, a wealth of knowledge, several certifications, education, management and professionalism. During those years she has acquired personal peer recognition along with letters of recommendation that include present and previous employers, Department of State Health Services, Baylor College of Medicine and The Methodist hospital located in the Medical Center of Houston, Texas. She has been successful and ambitious with her community volunteering and collaborations to add to her ultimate goal of equipping students with the knowledge and skills to obtain and maintain gainful employment, recognized and respected as Healthcare Professionals. SETPI has also gained notoriety and recognition with community Stakeholders FQHCs, CBOs, Public Health Departments, Hospitals and Physician’s offices to list a few. Ms. Davis-Jolivet is working diligently to expand the Institute to offer more Programs in the near future.

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Brenda Davis, Director of Education
SETX phlebotomy Inst. has added Pharmacy Technician to the Roster. Which will be instructed by Brenda Davis, the former Owner/Founder of PPT Academy and Introduced the first independent Pharmacy Tech Certification Program to SETX back in 2009. She has now partnered with Pamela Davis Jolivet to introduce her program under the SETX phlebotomy Institute umbrella.

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Patrick Davis, Director of Information Technology
Patrick Davis has over 10 years of marketing and web solutions experience and will be the Director of Information Technology for the SETX phlebotomy Institute. He has a Bachelors of Science from McNeese State University and over 20 yrs of experience in computer and technology support. Patrick has helped to develop the website and marketing materials for the SETX phlebotomy Institute along with a myriad of tech support activities.